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About the elements

With over 30 years of Belize experience and over 1000 successful projects the latitude team is thrilled to create and build THEIR waterfront oasis. 

Why choose lagoon over beach?

Andrea, an avid fisherman, has been living on the lagoon for close to 20 years where he moore’s his boat and escapes out to sea every chance works allows. Sonia enjoys the tranquility and sunsets of lagoon living. On a typical evening she will enjoy a glass of white while watching her local manatee wallow in the fiery red sunset reflection on the lagoon. Her husband enjoys fishing off the pier for grouper, snapper, jack or snook. The lagoon is teeming with fish and wildlife as fresh water from the mountains mixes with sea water.

In recent years the emergence is Sargassum that arrives several times a year and stays for weeks at a time has proved to be a challenge for homeowners and business that rely on the beach for lifestyle. Sargassum is not unique to Belize it invades beaches all over the globe and is a result of the human footprint on our ecosystems. It is thick, heavy and emits fumes that smell and cause seasonal allergies in many people.

The first 66 feet above the high water mark is Crown Land ( public) on all beaches in Belize which gives any pedestrian the right to walk along the beach at any time of day. This does limit one’s privacy and can make security challenging .

Human footprint is equally responsible for beach erosion that has plagued some beach owners for years. There are remedies such as sea walls and sandbags but the result is visually unappealing and often passes the erosion downstream to your neighbors.